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New Orleans: A U.S City or Third World Country?

December 7, 2006, Public Housing officials decided to demolish 4500 government subsidized homes in New Orleans 9th ward district. The 9th ward, New Orleans most poverty stricken area, received a large amount of flooding and damage from Hurricane Katrina. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) believes that Katrina left the low income areas in a "deplorable" state- and there is a lack of available money for repair. Replacing low income for mixed income homes is what HUD and private investors have been planning for over a year. Unfortunately, these new mixed income neighborhoods will leave a large number of New Orleans citizens ( at least 2000) demoralized and homeless.

The 9th ward residents did not take HUD's decision lying down. The residents managed to garner support from lawyers, politicians, and civil rights activists. In their efforts to secure a place to live, they demanded that if authorities insisted on spending millions of dollars to demolish their homes-then every resident should be guaranteed similar subsidized government housing in a new location. Furthermore, to delay the destruction of their homes, the residents acquired a court order requiring HUD and city officials to attend a mandatory city council meeting to vote and decide on the continuation with the demolishing of the four housing projects. To show unity and strength, the residents, ignoring threats from city officials, organized and protested outside the council meeting. The meeting took place on December 20 of last year. Below is footage of the protests, and the police brutality that occurred. If this footage does not anger you, then consider yourself anti-American.

I would like to give respect to the following people in their efforts to fight this injustice:

Bill Quigley- Law proffessor at Loyola Law School, representing the 9th ward residents.
William Jefferson Louis- New Orleans Congressman
Mary Landrieu- Louisiana Senator
John Edwards
Barack Obama
Ray Nagin- New Orleans Mayor
Nancy Pelosi
Harry Reid

I would also like to give the middle finger to the following people who have done an injustice to the 9th ward residents:

David Vitter-Louisiana Senator, who opposed Senate Bill 1668, a bill that gurantees affordable housing for all displaced residents.
Warren J Riley-New Orleans Police Superintendent
Donna White-HUD spokeswoman
C. Donald Babers- Administrator of Housing Authority in New Orleans


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