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4 Reasons Why BET Is An Embarrassment To Black People

1. BET(Black Entertainment Television) did not air Coretta Scott King’s funeral on it’s station. BET claimed it wanted to offer viewers a different kind of experience by posting a live webcast on it’s website of the funeral where viewers could access it "at work, at home, traveling,[and] at school". Likewise, the four major networks; NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX all broadcast their own live webcasts on their respective websites. But these stations as well broadcast the funeral on television. C-SPAN and CNN also aired the funeral live.

This reason alone proves that BET is the epitome of trash on television. And not to equate the struggle of blacks with Coretta Scott King, but there would be no BET without her. BET felt that viewers would prefer to watch women shaking their rumps in music videos rather than some funeral for a beloved civil rights leader.

2. BET is not black entertainment television. It does not represent the views and ideals of the millions of Blacks in the United States collectively. The station has no right to such a name as it falsely identifies itself with Black people as a whole.

If BET is for Blacks, why does it’s music selection consist of only hip-hop, rap and R&B music rather than the works of blacks in many genres of music and entertainment. Why is its target audience, as stated by BET, "African Americans 18-34". Does Telemundo go out of it's way to destroy the reputation of Hispanics? No, it does not.

3.BET proudly airs(and has aired) programming that further permeates stereotypes about blacks, thus ingraining negative associations in the minds of people who are devout of much contact with blacks as it is. When I say it proudly airs this type of programming, let’s take for example, "BET Uncut", which was canceled on July 7, 2006. A description of the show, courtesy BET is as follows:"Sexy, seductive, steamy, provocative and controversial can barely describe UNCUT, BET’s late night over the top adult program. Aired in the wee hours of the morning, UNCUT was created specifically for mature viewers who enjoy raw, erotic, and mind-blowing entertainment. See your favorite hip-hop and R&B artists in a different light as they bring out their freaky renditions of videos that you will never see aired during normal BET viewing hours". A second description read "this sixty-minute ‘raunch’ fest gives the late night crowd an option to view deliberate 'un-sanitized' videos by mainstream and unsigned artists alike. UNCUT is solely adult entertainment-NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN".

For two reasons, I must say that this program airing on BET was a disgrace to the African-American. First of all, just because this program aired at 3 in the morning didn't mean it was off access to children. BET has argued that it was the fault of bad parenting if a child happened upon the show. Anyone and everyone with a hint of common sense knows that you cannot keep everything from your child that you don’t want he or she to see. And if this is a station for Blacks, I would assume that it would have material extending from G-rated to R-rated and nothing more. A station geared at Blacks surely includes Blacks young and old, otherwise they should take the initiative and change the station’s name to Young Misguided Black Men’s Entertainment Television(YMBMET for short), as that’s who 90% of it’s programming is geared at anyway. Would you believe me if I told you that the religious shows appeared immediately after BET Uncut’s 1 hour block. (BET Uncut's cancellation had nothing to do with protests of it's content, claims BET.)

4. BET supports the miseducation of the African-American. Every show that could have provided real and legitimate positive inspiration in a person’s life has been removed(unless it is a gospel show). Teen Summit which dealt with teens’ and their everyday issues was killed. ‘BET Tonight with Tavis Smiley’ was likewise murdered. BET is more interested in shows that show lite pornography.

All accompanying quotes are taken from BET(Black Entertainment Teleivison). All images are from rapper Nelly's video "Tip Drill", which has been featured on BET Uncut.

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  1. I completely agree considering it does not represent none of the people i associate with or myself. It reminds me when MLK tells the black people who they really are (on the Boondocks). BET is for "niggas" only...and i will not have it represent anything about me. Less than 1% of my t.v. time over the span of my lifetime will be devoted to BET. The hip-hop culture deteriorates society and BET will further help in the production of "niggas."

  2. Well said, my friend. I see you watch the Boondocks; good man, good man. . .

    It seems that every show that I have ever enjoyed on BET has been canceled!? What's so bad about liking educational and/or enlightening shows!? But hey, this is the life I chose. . .

  3. Uncut was the worst thing BET could have ever put on that station! As for motivational shows for teens that have been canceled, thats truly sad. Although they did try to make up for it with "student center" it doesnt even come close to Teen Summit!

  4. Judging by the pictures, I should be watching BET more.

  5. I was through with BET FOREVER when they took off BET Nightly News. I actually watched that show faithfully every night at 10:30pm...or maybe it was 11pm. Can't remember. But guess what they replaced it with?? ANOTHER DAMN SHOWING OF COMIC VIEW!! GRRRRRR

  6. I hate BET and I am glad that you did this post. I can not agree with you more. you spoke the truth. I agree 100%

  7. VIACOM took over B.E.T in 2000 and they started to change the line up. any couciouness person should know this dumbing down process is being implemented

  8. BET is what it is and thats what black people want. If you took a survey on what black people like to watch i am more than sure you could find it on BET. Whether you want to believe it or not black people laugh at other black people even when they are just being ignorant. So is BET black entertainment...yes it is. Now does it entertain all but then what does. Yes BET goes back on some things they say like how they bashed soul plane but show it every week,BUT then again what president has not gone back on his word. It serves its purpose entertainment not black empowerment. Also in defense of those videos they helped jump start some artist career. The music industry is tough to move up in and BET uncut helped launch their careers. Was it really wrong? I mean is it wrong for a stripper with no education and 4 kids to strip? Is it wrong for Kristen Steffens to sleep her way to the top and then write a book and act like she changed so she can make some money...well yea in that case but my point is they did what they had to do to make it. We all do it our dreams and make sacrifices to get to them. So with that being said BET is BET...what at least 85% of blacks want.

  9. Have you seen the Keyshia Cole show? DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Those people on that College Hill show, are the worst

  11. I never watch BET because I don't live in the US and can't get it (thankfully), but I hear it's just trash. It's like "Birth of a Nation" but a hundred years later.

    Blacks have picketed the home of the CEO, but it seems not to have had the long-term desired effect.

    BET apparently is now owned by (VIACOM?) but embarrasses and stigmatizes Blacks in the guise of entertaining us. There are probably more white people in Oklahoma laughing at BET than there are Black people elsewhere.

  12. I don't have a problem with channels dedicated to content that focus on a particular group such as Blacks, Hispanics, etc. But as a father of three daughters, BET is one of the channels I lock out. I really don't think they need to be exposed so some of the crap that I see on those channels such as women acting like horny sluts and people who glorify a selfish hedonistic life style. BET is not alone on my lock out list, VH1 and MTV are on there as well.

  13. The religious shows on BET are no better, they prey upon the people who are willing to give money to scam artist and theifs.. What does that say BET thinks about "black" people? This channel needs to be cancelled and replaced with something that represents the diversity, intelligence, cultures, and truth about who Black people are!

  14. The religious shows is just ludicrous. All these people are offering you to place value into the wrong things. I feel as though they are trying to tell you to value the material items, rather than whats really important. So I watched more BET and I saw that these people who call themselves Rap ARTIST are pretty much all doing the same thing for the sake of the hedonistic life-style. When as an ARTIST you are suppose to express an idea or emotion. The only thing I got from Hip Hop is, my life is good, don't mess with me, and I get all the girls because they are sex objects. It is a shame because then we place worth on people because of the things they have. This is the music of the Bourgeoisie, because they are the only ones that seem to understand this type of music, because I don't (which is why I am heavily into Rock Music). Hip Hop isn't dead, they just sold their soul. It is a sell out type of music and yet it is branded as a Black stereotype. I hate Tyler Perry movies, and that is another tale that I will tell later. So I do care for BET, because it doesn't represent the interest of the Black community. It shows we care more about Lil Wayne going to jail rather than the death of Coretta Scott King.

  15. I meant to say "I don't care for BET" rather than "do."*

  16. LMAO, somthings never change huh. I'll be frank, BET is for niggers, niggas, niggaz wichever way you want to put it.And for all those who commented with "Judging by the pictures, I should be watching BET more". BET is just for you "niggas". I for one agree completly. BET is a complet and total disgrace for blacks one and all,and the onlything that can right this awful and outragous is the complete cancelation of that sin. THats the least tey can do for the distuction of our race. Shame on all of you ignorant niggas who believe that BET is for our benefit, that BET i an achievement for our kind. BULLSHIT. I do believe if MLK or his wife were alive today, they eould weep tears of blood for how far down our race has sunken. We've repace books for guns, knowledge for "booty", and all otherwise sold our souls for little more than crumbs. All this and we have yet to learn. I'm ashamed to say but i doubt we can recover. WE might have sunken to low to recover :_(. Our futur dosn't look to bright. To bad i'm only 18 and i dont have much to look forward too. Ma god help us all

  17. The original plan was to destroy the black womans image (Nelly's Tip Drill video as a MAJOR example) and then have black people (particularly black women with sense) protest the treatment and the disrespect of black women in many of these rappers videos.

    Now a new generation of women (many who are non black), have ushered their way into many rappers videos in a 'respectful' way. There is almost always a non black woman playing the lead in most videos. And you hardly ever see a non black woman being disrespected or degraded in a video.

    However, now black women are concerned because they do not see themselves in videos. But rappers and producers claim "you all didnt like the way you were portrayed in the beginning so now we have women who will gladly be in our videos without any protest". However, these women are NOT being portrayed negatively.

    It is sad.

  18. bet is annoying they play the victim role to much like whats happening to "black people" isnt happening to everyone in the world suck it up and shut the fuck up thats why the mtv awards is better lol

  19. my nigga i whatch bet erry day u feal me aint noothin rong wit me ya feal me u jus hatin u feal me dats y u aint neva gona have no paper aint neva gonna have no bitches ya feal me

  20. the boy above from June 26 is an ideal reason why BET is bad for blacks. Ignorance. I am black and bet type of blacks irritate me..low level humans

  21. Bra up above... that whole paragraph above u is lines from a character on boondocks the episode was about exploitimg the bet real agenda for entertainimg blacks. So don't criticize the bratha for typing that it was just a joke. And I encourage you to watch that episode its funny but most importantly there is a message... Peace to all Max.

  22. BET has had a name changed to DET.

    Yeah you guessed it DEVIL'S Entertainment Television

  23. When are smart, educated African Americans with true values going to take a stand against shows like BET and all the other negative stereotypes against black people? When are we going to come together and finally say enough? When are we going to show the world that not all blacks are " niggas "

  24. Replies
    1. Thanks Mr. Bolger! I actually decided today to begin writing again. One of the reasons was your comment...take care :-)

  25. [Verse 1:]
    Listen people they got us believing we're nothing
    But heathens screaming hating each other for nothing but breathing
    Hating each other for colour and creed when me and you
    We one and the same under the blade you cut and you bleed
    And they think we dumb and naive
    But we wasn't conceived yesterday
    We know that AIDS they made up the disease
    And they tease us with money and greed and make us hunger and feed
    Off each other like some blood-sucking freaks
    And the most ignorant nigga's a publisher's dream
    Nothing but whores and infidelity is up on the screen
    Real chance of love with a slut and a creep
    A lover that cheats, these dumb broads should be running the streets
    If you think that letting your daughters watching Charm School
    Won't harm you or her in the long run you're a darn fool
    It's so blatant how they raping our minds
    In plain sight taking our rights, dignity, it ain't right

  26. I do not know who's behind the network, but what I know is that millions of dollars have been reeled in by these people. All they did was exploiting a gap created by divisive racial tensions. I do believe that actions like these do not paddle in favor of the black communities in the good USA; as a Hispanic, I would not see with bright eyes a behavior like this in Latin oriented networks airing their waves throughout the nation. About the prizes or awards, I have to say that every one of them (Grammies, Oscars and the like) take into consideration the talent and success of the nominees not the color of their skin or gender. In conclusion, I see BET as the most racists and profiler of them all.

  27. Never saw a second of this television network, why would I waste my time!? I would rather spend it working on my engineering designs than watch a bunch of chimps jumping around, rattling a cage, and displaying how intellectually crippled they are ;) So glad I lived in a "gated" community lol! Morons. Later "Homies", that's how you people talk...right!?

    1. My community gated too lol keep making them designs though

    2. I have a feeling you didn't read a word of this article.

  28. Meet the larget black community on the web and socialize, share and make friends

  29. I've never thought about it but it's dad now that I do.

  30. I believe that BET isn't so much black people, but rather, it's a channel about black stereotypes. It's disturbing how nearly every program is geared towards reinforcing the stereotype that black men are arrogant bastards with slurred speech, and that black women are unreasonably aggressive feminazis. I say all this as a white guy: the content on BET is an offensive misrepresentation of black culture AND black history.

    Here's a fun fact; BET and FOX have the same owner. Doesn't that seem like a little bit of a conflict of interest? May go a long way towards explaining the content on BET, as well!

    So, who DOES BET appeal to? Black people? By and large, no. But you know the white kids that try to be cool by acting "black?" And they've barely even SEEN a black person in real life? They create most of the demand for that channel's existence these days.

  31. Very impressive blog. Would like to read more on this topic.
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  32. BET is sadly still going strong and getting worse. Nothing has changed since this post was first written in 2006. Depressing

    1. Saw about 30 seconds of BET awards last night and cried. Pure trash!


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