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The Cost of Popular Culture

It's interesting to me that some of the people proclaiming "Black Lives Matter" and "All Lives Matter" still buy season tickets from sports clubs with blatantly racist names.

 A number of African-Americans and Whites  defend & dismiss the Washington Redskins name:
"it's been called that for so long, everyone is just used to it..."
"well, I don't look at it that way..."
"it's just a name..."
"there are more important issues..."
I'm a Humanist, which I have firmly found to be the most distressing psychological state of mind for a human being, based off of my own experience. I am also educated, so I know that most people are largely ignorant of the true history of this country's native history.

To those African-Americans who say, "I'm part Cherokee and I'm not offended..." or my, "great-great-grandmother was Indian..." - I ask that if you have not studied Native American history, t…
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The New House Negro - HBCUs and PWIs...

You know, there's nothing I like more than to start a post with an epic
"There was two kind of slaves. There was the house negro and the field negro. The house negro, they lived in the house, with master. They dressed pretty good. They ate good, cause they ate his food, what he left. They lived in the attic or the basement, but still they lived near their master, and they loved their master, more than their master loved himself. They would give their life to save their masters house quicker than their master would. The house negro, if the master said "we got a good house here" the house negro say "yeah, we got a good house here". Whenever the master would said we, he'd say we. That's how you can tell a house negro. If the master's house caught on fire, the house negro would fight harder to put the blaze out than the master would. If the master got sick, the house negro would say "What's the matter, boss, we sick?" We …

The Light Skin Complex

Anybody who knows me well, or well enough for that matter, knows I was going to write about this at some point...smh...
Why do Dark Skinned Black people hating on Light Skinned Black people? Without Frederick Douglass, we would probably still be slaves. Without Jesse Jackson, helping out MLK jr,, White people would probably ignored him. Without Thurgood Marshall, Clarence Thomas wouldn't be Judge now. Now we got Obama as President... and you know eventually we will have a dark skinned African American President. Bush looked at Colin Powell, made him Secretary of State, then gave Condi Rice a chance. See... Dark Skinned Black people should be grateful that we Light Skinned Black people are making their life easier...Agree?” - Yahoo Answers Poster
I have grown to accept that many African-Americans don't have a genuine desire to learn or embrace their history and heritage. I have become accustom to one's “Blackness” in America being more so defined by their clothes and vernacu…

Where has the time gone?

Black Salvage.

What began as a forum for me to rant about issues affecting the African American community transformed, in just a year and a half, into a respectable journal chronicling the black experience. A second lead editor joined, followed by several other writers and contributers. We even dabbled into video blogging and initiating interviews with well-known voices.
For a time, things were good. But then, something happened for everyone involved- life.
I don't think there was ever a time for any of us that none of us stopped caring about what the site was about, atleast in spirit, but I think the very thing that made this blog so great in the first place was it's very undoing- I found positive, motivated, inspired people to contribute but people with the qualities I just mentioned, tend to be very active and dedicated to the things closest to their heart first. Even for myself, blogging and writing is not my first love- music is.
I am not saying that Black Salvage is ab…

Myron Rolle: Reversing the Trend

I present a story of an extraordinary young man who demonstrates brilliance on and off the football field. Myron Rolle, the All-American safety for Florida State University's football team, decided to forgo the NFL Draft in order to pursue a medical degree at Oxford University. This brilliant young brother is no ordinary collegiate football player; he is considered one of the top safety's in the country, and he is considered to be a second or third round draft pick, meaning if he had entered the Draft, he would most likely have been offered a multimillion dollar contract.
Mr Rolle's remarkable athletic ability is surpassed by his scholastic achievements. Rolle was awarded as one of thirty four Rhodes Scholars that will be studying at Oxford University,a highly prestigious school in England. Being a Rhodes Scholar is nothing to take lightly, the selection process is intense and students are picked from fourteen specified geographic locations. The most notable American Rhode…

Who Really Gave Birth to Humanity?

The Black Salvage would like to introduce to you the inagural article from the newest addition to our team, Cynical Jubilee. Below is a brief introduction: "I'm a Religious Studies Philosophy major at MSU. I enjoy studying Religion for the sole purpose of tracing a HISTORICAL outline of religious origins and moral codes instead of bashing other's beliefs with the Tomfoolery they tried to brainwash me with in Sunday School. I'm here to present you all with historical FACTS, but I respect everyone's beliefs and opinions."

Since it’s the New Year and I’m new to the team, I find it very fitting to share some insight on the story of Genesis and propose a question that many choose to look over- Adam and Eve were the first two humans and they had two sons- Cain and Abel. One son kills the other, so:

Where did where did Cain find a wife to reproduce with if there were no other humans on earth? Well, there are two books that come to mind t…

Is Alan Keyes a House Negro?

Happy Holidays! This one's going to be a quickie. . .

The term "house negro" is a pretty harsh way to reference any black person. I want go into the history of it, you can do that yourself.

That said, I present to you Alan Keyes.

Keyes is one of several individuals at the moment apparently challenging Barack Obama's citizenhip and as well, his presidency. There are theories claiming that Obama was born in Kenya and others alleging he's really an Indonesian citizen. Another cedes that because Obama held dual citizenship at birth from the U.S. and Great Britain, he is ineligible to hold our nation's highest office.

Here's the good news- no court is taking this matter seriously and the Supreme Court of the U.S. has declined to even hear the case three times already. For the moment, it seems the only place this nonsense is even catching steam is on Faux News.

Now, back to Mr. Keyes. . .

Some folk are calling the man a house negro. Maybe he is, maybe he isn'…