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Dirty Comedy Really That Bad?

I'm pretty sure we've all seen our share of both dirty and clean comics. The question I would like to raise is, are dirty comics really as bad as people make them out to be? After all, we laugh at them- does that make us equally guilty?

I personally don't understand why people complain about dirty humor. I honestly don't care whether a comedian is clean or not, so long as his material is interesting and funny. Even further, there are a variety of outlets out there anyway for different types of comedy. I don't understand why people complain when they have a choice- no one is forcing you to watch ComicView over Bill Bellamy's Who's Got Jokes, the latter of which I find severely lacking in the 'funny' department, if it matters.

Some of us write off dirty comedians as wrong or perverse without hearing their acts, something that I really find disappointing and downright annoying. When we wake up everyday and step outside our homes, we step into a world of racism, or gender inequality, of profanity, and of sexual innuendos. These things are quite the drain and if someone is going to allow to me laugh at them, even if only for a short while, I'll gladly listen. Hell, I consider it a stress reliever. I'm sorry, but the real world is just not clean.

I've seen my fair share of good and bad stand-ups in both categories. It really all depends on your personal taste. Like I already said, it really doesn't matter to me whether it's clean or dirty comedy if it's good comedy. I don't know. . . I guess it just gets to me when I hear complainers going on about it. If these people put that energy into trying make the world a better place, dirty comedians wouldn't have any material, right? But who am I kidding- that wouldn't be any fun, would it?

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  1. yes this is true if you complain about what you hearing a comedian say then go listen to the "good comedy" its all good comedy (hint -point is to make you laugh)

  2. Its like with music. i don't see why if you don't like a genre of music, why don't you just not listen to it. No one is being forced to listen to so called dirty comedians, so there shouldn't be an issue.

    I myself enjoy the dirty comic a lot of the time, they are entertaining, raw, and real. Their jokes are usually based on real life experiences which is what makes them so funny. If people didn't want such graphic things to be said, all they need to do is make the world a less graphic place. And that's not too easy.

  3. I, Myself find nothing wrong with dirty comedy, because it's the riske, raw material that makes their acts funny and enjoyable. To those that are offended by these jokes have the same feelings as though who have issues wit certain music, which is to complain, scream foul, and make notice of what they didn't like while still buying the music or buying the ticket to see the comedian, because at the end of the day who is it really hurting to make people have fun and forget all their problems for 30 minutes to an hour.

  4. I don't have a problem with dirty comedy. First of all, it's not meant to be taken seriously, it's just supposed to make you laugh. Second thing, if it's offending you there's a very simple solution: change the channel or turn it off.

  5. I saw only a few minutes of The Original Queens of Comedy and I couldn't watch anymore because it was just too profane, especially coming from women. Ok, ok...maybe it was solely because of the fact that it was women with the potty mouths and it turned me off, lol. But regardless, I TURNED THE STATION...not whine and cry about "dirty comedy". This is a dumb issue. I don't even see why it's an issue at all. People are so dumb and petty nowadays it's disgusting. With all that's going on concerning politics, war, AIDS, poverty, genocide and countless other things, people can only find DIRTY COMEDY to bitch about. *Smh.........


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