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Michelle My Bell

Thick, optimistic, intelligent, gregarious, giving, opinionated, fashionable, graceful, chocolate, sassy, intuitive, outspoken, determined, charismatic, sassy, and well proportioned; just a few adjectives that describe the woman of my dreams. As a child-I imagined Claire Huxtable- the mother from the 1980's sitcom The Cosby Show, as my ideal woman; I grew older and realized that Claire was nothing but a facade; a phony; a fictitious t.v. character created by middle, aged white men. After 12 years of of arduous searching, my real life version of Claire Huxtable finally arrived, and trust me, t.v. producers could never create a creature so divine-Her name is Michelle Obama-Unfortunately, a gentleman by the name of Barack snatched her before I could make my move. Since I cant have baby girl exclusively, I took it upon myself to write a tribute article on this mahogany goddess, hoping one day she will read it, leave team Obama, and hop on team Wallace.

Mrs Obama has the intellect to complement her good looks. Barack isn't the only Obama to graduate from Harvard Law School- In fact, when Mr Obama was entering Harvard Law School in 1988, Mrs Obama was exiting, with a Juris Doctor degree in her hand. To go along with her Harvard Law degree, Michelle has a Sociology degree from Princeton University. Princeton and Harvard, not bad for a black woman from the south side of Chicago. There is nothing sexier than a woman who is intellectually equal to her spouse. After graduating Harvard Law, you would assume that Mrs Obama took some big attorney job, at a prestigious law firm, where she pulled in a six figure salary-guess again-instead she went back to Chicago and worked with the mayor on several planning and development projects; including a nonprofit organization that encourages young minorities to improve on social conditions in their communities. Never shying away from the spotlight, Michelle has been recognized by several highly publicized magazines: she was named one of "The 25 Most Inspiring Women" by Essence magazine and she was included on the list of "10 of the World's Best Dressed People" by Vanity Fair.

Race will play a big factor in determining who will win the Democratic nomination, and if Barack wants to win, he better win the black vote first. Luckily, he has Michelle by his side to boost his credibility among black voters. Many people don't realize that Barack is racially mixed- He was born to a black Kenyan father and a white American mother. Honestly, black Americans would have a totally different view of Obama if he had a white woman as his wife- I could imagine the reaction from black women now " Oh my God!! Why does Barack Obama have a white wife, he couldn't find a decent black woman in Chicago". Among black Americans, women vote more than men, Michelle appeals to black American women- she appeals to a demographic that no other presidential hopeful can touch- not even Barack Obama himself. Michelle has made many stump speeches across the U.S; among her most important issues discussed are: race relations, poverty, education, and health care. While these other potential first ladies are smiling and waving to the camera-looking like puppets- Michelle is out there campaigning, backing her husband one thousand percent.

Okay, Lets assume for a minute-that Barack Obama wins the Presidential race in November-and Michelle Obama is the First Lady. Every First Lady raises awareness on a certain issue during each presidential term; With her experience in Sociology and African American studies- In a addition to her extensive work in urban development-maybe Michelle could create a real initiative to assist poverty stricken areas in the United States. This is not a far fetched idea, If her husband becomes president, she would have the necessary tools to create a massive social improvement plan for urban America. In my opinion, Mrs Obama looks like she could be a good politician for the future. With her personality, intellect, and will-the sky is the limit for this magnificent beauty. Maybe in another 16 years, well see another Obama running for president- this one will have breast of course.
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  1. cool im glad im not the only one that thinks she bangin lol

  2. I really enjoyed reading this article. It's rare that anyone dares to shed light on ANY intelligent, educated,and sophisticated, black woman. I honestly thought that she was simply just the wife of Barak Obama and not a woman with so much ambition and credential that even without Obama, she'd be a movement in one way or another. Thanx for the article!

  3. I love her! I'm a Michelle Obama stan!

  4. GW has kept the current First Lady under wraps for pretty much her entire stay at the White House, which was a real shame. I think she might have been able to do some good, even as her husband was rampaging around messing everything else up. Perhaps he was concerned that his wife would outshine him.

    In any event, I've heard some of Mrs. Obama's speeches, and you're right. She's very articulate, and if her husband wins, whatever social issue she puts her attention to will undoubtedly see improvement.

  5. yea Seattle Slim...I'm a Stan

  6. ummm i was very uncomfortable with the last line in your little article that the next obama for president would have breast......maybe if barack divorced his wife and started a gay relationship with you and you could run for president and rest assured the next obama would have huge breast......G

  7. George..Be a man and stop commenting under anonymous..I know it is you..Only a fool of your caliber would write such garbage...


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