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Oprah Behind Obama Because He's Black?

The above video is an announcement of Oprah Winfrey's intentions to hit the campaign trail with '08 presidential hopeful Barack Obama. I thought the discussion being had was quite enlightening- it brought up were many pros and cons I had never considered about the situation, such as the fact that Oprah very possibly could draw many into politics who never gave it much thought. But as the title of this post suggests, this piece is on the question of Oprah's intentions.

I would like to try and dispel this notion that Oprah is campaigning for Obama simply because he's black. Given the fact that he is the first presidential candidate to receive Oprah's blessing, at least in this fashion, I could see some of the logic in that. But anyone looking at the big picture would surely see that Obama being black has nothing to do with it. It's the man that Obama is that warrants Oprah's attention, or so I believe. Not since John F. Kennedy has a politician in this country so inspired the people- and that's just not debatable. Obama's charisma, his presence is what sets him apart from the rest of his competitors. Obama has incited hope in people who had all but given up hope and confidence in our political system. And even if Winfrey was going out for Obama because of race, as a black person or any minority, would we not, on some levels have a right to do that? Every race tends to stick with their own first and foremost even if we try not to believe it. And at this point, I'm not sure the majority of the white candidates have what is necessary to pull blacks or other minorities away from that.

In my eyes, this coming election there will only be two choices, "the same old, same old" or "something new". Barack Obama is something new. I want someone to explain to me the pros and cons of voting Democrat and Republican over the two, five or ten years. Explain to me what the constant bickering and ceaseless 'tug-o-war' that is our congress has done for America. Speaking generally, the Republicans and Democrats collectively have given us the war in Iraq, broken immigration laws, and the joke that is our economy. All I'm saying is put a man in the oval office that at least won't go along with the flow because I'm sorry, if you think any of the other candidates won't do just that, you've not paid much attention to politics in the past.

Obama bashers are certainly entitled to their opinions(I very much take entertainment from them) but I just really can't help feeling saddened that they would willingly settle for less, for the alternative/s that have already gotten us to such a low point in our American history. Give him a chance, people!

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  1. I think Oprah's support of Obama has less to do with his race and more to do with the fact that she believes that he is truly the best candidate for the job. She's just supporting the person who she thinks is most qualified, and if he happens to be black, then so what?

    Of course there will always be people who will say that she's only supporting Obama because he's black. If Oprah threw all her support behind Hilary Clinton, there would be an outcry from people who would then claim that she wasn't supporting her race. So in a way she's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. But I think that it's great that she's campaigning for him.

  2. Listen Folks!

    If Oprah was a white male, would anyone questioned his intent on supporting a candidate? No, they wouldn't. What we have is a powerful Black women, who has the capacity to impact others and get people out to vote. I believe Oprah sees in Obama what so many of us see - a fresh start with someone who doesn't have the political b#%$s%@% that all the other candidates have. He has the ability to get the job done.

    The truth - we need a change from the current administration which has destroyed so many innocent lives with the war in Iraq. The American people (excluding me) gave Bush the opportunity to become President based on the assumption he had years of political experience and expertise to run the country. Well, it is clear that experience doesn't always count, at least not in this situation.

    I have listened to Obama talk about the issues in detail, attended a political rally, and support him 150% in his endeavor for presidency. It's not a black thing or a white thing. It's the right thing.


  3. Couldn't have said it better myself Dee Dee. If Oprah really didn't matter, if she really had no impact, there wouldn't be such a ruckus going on about it all.

    Get this- Maya Angelou has just endorsed Hillary Clinton's bid for the presidency, it will be interesting what comes of both her and Oprah's support of these candidates.

  4. I find nothing wrong with Oprah endorsing Obama based on race. It's what blacks do. Issues never matter. Truth, fact, DNA evidence...just doesn't ever matter. Race is all that matters to the average black person. Your individual ability to see clear still has you claiming that Obama is "something different"...he's a democrat. That's not different. He will be as much of a tool as any past president, republican or democrat. The whole process is a joke. Discussing it is entertaining, but a waste of energy. The winner has been decided long ago without any help from any voters. If you want to predict who will be the next president, look for who will make the world's richest people richer. You'll have your answer. I don't see "something different" even in the running.

  5. You know Intolerant, your being a racist aside, you actually raise some good points that anyone in their right mind would be a fool to disregard. I would like to say that Obama, I belive, is different in that , even if he does not bring down the forces that have been in play for so long, he will offer more resistance than has been had in many, many years.

  6. See everyone is missing the point. Every election we have the same old prototype for president, which is a white male. Would it really matter or would there be anything said if she came out and supported Dean or Kerry or Edwards for president in 04. I wonder if she was supporting Hillary if they would say she's only supporting her, because she's a woman. For some reason I don't think that would happen. I also believe that because who Oprah is and what she represents that we should give her a little more credit then to say that she is only campaigning for him because he is black, that should insult her to the core.

    I also believe that although I believe that Obama is one of the first and the few in politics that says what he means and means what he says, I think that he has to thank Hillary for being in the race. I wonder if everyone would see him as a viable candidate or if the country would view him and am as comfortable to embrace him as they have, if she wasn't in the race, and if the democratic race wasn't so diverse as it is.

    This has nothing to do with Oprah supporting him because they are black as it has everything to do with her believing in him and him having substance obviously not seen by her from the other candidates.

  7. "I wonder if she was supporting Hillary if they would say she's only supporting her, because she's a woman."

    that's a good point

  8. It is both preposterous and hypocritical to deny that Oprah is denying that race is the main factor for supporting Obama.

  9. alot of you prove the point that you cannot say anything about Obama without being labeled a racist.

  10. I feel that a alot of people may have supported Obama because he was black...if Mccain would have won you would not see the media covering a white president was voted is more colored people that are racist...White people are not looking at the color of someone.Why are people not cheering yay Obama and not yah he is the first black. Its crazy and scary....I voted because I wanted the right person for the job...not the first black president.

  11. Anoymous on Nov. 6,

    I can see where your coming from. It is still funny to me how many blacks are running around talking about Obama being president, but refuse to involve themselves in the political process(which is more than just voting) for more than one night.


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