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All In The Family

Doesn't look too good when you are the mayor of a major U.S. city, and your ex-son in law is convicted of dope smuggling; In addition, your daughter is convicted of illegally transferring drug money to her ex-husband.

Well, thats exactly what happened to Mayor Shirley Franklin. Mrs Franklin had the pleasure of sitting in the same courtroom, on two separate occasions.One was to watch her ex son-in-law, Tremayne Graham( very suitable last name), receive life in prison for smuggling over 500 kilograms of cocaine from California to the wonderful city of Atlanta, which happens to be the same city that Mayor Franklin governs. On the second occasion, Mayor Franklin got a chance to see her daughter, Kai Franklin Graham, receive 90 days in jail for converting drug money into money orders; to help Mr.Graham while on the run from law enforcement. After her daughter's sentence, Mayor Graham made a very emotional and articulate statement to the press:

" I ran for mayor. None of my children did. They are subject to law, as they should be."

I realize that Mayor Franklin is not the one being prosecuted. I also realize that you cannot choose your family members, regardless of your position in life; but, I also realize that it can seem shady that your ex son-in-law is one of the biggest drug dealers in a city that you control. We are not talking about hand to hand transactions here; Tremayne Graham is believed to have smuggled at least 2300 pounds of cocaine! This doesn't seem very logical to me. Maybe someone can comment and make me understand this situation better. In no way am I implying that Mayor Franklin knew of Graham's illegal activities; but I do have my reasons to show skepticism.

I will like to see how Mayor Franklin's family situation will hold over with her constituents, as well as the citizens of Atlanta. Mayor Franklin is very popular in Atlanta, lets see if this popularity will rise or decline.


  1. Franklin is going to have bias from all directions solely for the fact that she is a mayor. I feel that she could have, to some degree, prevented these happenings, but then- that's an outside perspective, right?

  2. This just shows that Everyone is human, and everyone no matter how important they are can be subjected to this type of thing. However can we really sit here and say that it's her fault that her daughter and ex-son in law are in trouble. She should not be responsible for the actions of those in her family. I hate the notion that because your family has done wrong that you are required to defend your position or weather you can effectively do the job that they hold. She is the Mayor, not her daughter and not her ex-son in law. So let her do her job and let's try to stay out of her business. t

  3. I don't think Mayor Franklin should be held responsible for the actions of her grown daughter. Her ablitly to effectively do her job should not be called into question because of this. At the same time though, there will be people who will look at this situation and judge her as being guilty by association. It's not right, and it's not fair, but people will do it. However, I do wonder if there was something she could have done to prevent this.

  4. As i said in my blog, you cant choose your family, I realize that the Mrs Franklin is not the one being prosecuted, and its not fair to prejudge her situation-but- we shouldn't just hide the fact that Tremayne Graham was dealing a major amount of drugs in the city that she governs. It's a good possibility that she was aware of this.

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