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I Could Care Less

Before I start to vent, I would like to apologize to the readers of BlackSalvage. I have been on an eight month hiatus, but, we are back and stronger than ever. We promise to bring more articles, more often. With the elections 11 months away, I feel that its too early to back a candidate of my choosing; quite frankly, I am not too fond of any of these second rate prospects. So instead of supporting, or denouncing these candidates, I decided to make a list entitled " I Could Care Less". I COULD CARE LESS:

1. That Barack Obama is Black- If you read my article from January 2007, you will understand that there are other reasons for my doubting his presidential capabilities.

2. That Hilary Clinton is a woman- Listen, Hilary Clinton in the White house equals Bill Clinton in the White house; sounds pretty good to me.

3. That Mitt Romney is a Mormon- Actually, scratch that from the list, I do care that Romney is a Mormon, those people are crazy!

4. That Rudy Giuliani has been married three times- Who cares, I mean if Giuliani lives by the "Lays potato chip: cant just eat one" approach; then let him indulge. What you should care about is the fact that his first wife was actually his second cousin. Damn Rudy!

5. About Oprah endorsing Obama- Shes rich and she owns half the planet, but if she cant convince Steadman to marry her, how in the hell can she convince me to vote for an inexperienced candidate.

6. That Iowa and South Carolina are key states for the presidential primaries- Why does it seem like the lamest states are always the most important come election time.

7. About Senator John McCain anymore- You are one of the reasons why we had to deal with Dubya for eight miserable years. You could have easily defeated him in the 2000 Republican Primaries, You were a POW for two years and you have a purple heart!!!, you should have used that to your advantage. Unfortunately, you are too old for this game now, give it up old man.

8. About Dennis Kucinich anymore- Back in my high school days, when I was ultra-liberal, I liked you; now, you are a weirdo to me. How in the hell would you not use military forces under any circumstances. N.Korea, Iran and Al-Qaeda would all find it beneficial to support your presidential campaign.

9. That Al Gore has no intention to run in 2008- Look Fat Albert, I don't care what you say; If I have to stalk you, kidnap you, and force you to run, then I will do it. Lets make a deal, If you run, then its McDonald's on me for the remainder of the presidential race.

10. If I haven't mentioned your name on this list, and you are a candidate, then I could care less that you are running for President.


  1. LOL. funny and political..i liikke. can't wait for the next post.

  2. hahah is soooooooooooooo true but i woldnt mind seeing barack in office


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