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The Road Ahead

As editors of Black Salvage, Jerel and I feel obligated to elaborate upon the future plans and goals of our web blog. We understand the importance of communication that must exist between the writer and the reader. We sincerely hope that this article will not only clarify inquiries that you have, but in addition, attract new readers interested in our cause.


Everyone should feel free to contribute to Black Salvage. Race, gender, religious views,etc. have no bearing on your qualifications to participate. Even though our target audience is young black adults; everyone is welcome. A diverse audience means a wider scope of ideas and opinions. As long as you remain respectful towards the ideas of others, you should not have a problem with being allowed to participate. To better interact with our readers, there will be a number of resources presented in the near future that will allow better forms of communication, these include: audio debates, formal letters, roundtable/forum discussions, and news circulations.


As far as discussions are concerned, we want to touch everything imaginable, as long as it relates to our theme of Black Salvage. Politics, education, the economy, entertainment, and global issues are just a few of the topics that will be discussed.


Our main goal here is to inform. We want to inform Black Americans about the issues that affect us as a people. Hopefully, we can broaden our horizons and realize the potential we have. It is time for us to change as a people; especially with the way we think and carry ourselves. As a reader of Black Salvage, you shouldn't be afraid to leave questions or feedback; that is what we want, to be able to interact with our audience. We can make Black Salvage a gateway of info for the black youth of today, but, In order to make this happen, we need your help.


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4 Reasons Why BET Is An Embarrassment To Black People

1. BET(Black Entertainment Television) did not air Coretta Scott King’s funeral on it’s station. BET claimed it wanted to offer viewers a different kind of experience by posting a live webcast on it’s website of the funeral where viewers could access it "at work, at home, traveling,[and] at school". Likewise, the four major networks; NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX all broadcast their own live webcasts on their respective websites. But these stations as well broadcast the funeral on television. C-SPAN and CNN also aired the funeral live.

This reason alone proves that BET is the epitome of trash on television. And not to equate the struggle of blacks with Coretta Scott King, but there would be no BET without her. BET felt that viewers would prefer to watch women shaking their rumps in music videos rather than some funeral for a beloved civil rights leader.
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Anybody who knows me well, or well enough for that matter, knows I was going to write about this at some point...smh...
Why do Dark Skinned Black people hating on Light Skinned Black people? Without Frederick Douglass, we would probably still be slaves. Without Jesse Jackson, helping out MLK jr,, White people would probably ignored him. Without Thurgood Marshall, Clarence Thomas wouldn't be Judge now. Now we got Obama as President... and you know eventually we will have a dark skinned African American President. Bush looked at Colin Powell, made him Secretary of State, then gave Condi Rice a chance. See... Dark Skinned Black people should be grateful that we Light Skinned Black people are making their life easier...Agree?” - Yahoo Answers Poster
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