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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No! I'ts a Black Man Running For President

Let me start by stating that this is in no way an article bashing Senator Barack Obama. After reading this article some may call me idiotic, or a pessimist; but, I like to call myself a realist.

Will he run? That is the question that is on a lot of peoples mind. Will Barack Obama, the only black American in Senate, run for Vice President or President of the United States. Currently, Obama is not sure of whether or not he will put his bid in for the presidency. In the past, he has made several hints. With appearances on the cover of TIME (" Why Barack Could Be The Next President") and Newsweek (" The Race Is On") magazine, many believe that his bid will come in the near future. In a recent Democratic voters poll, Obama ranked second among potential Democratic nominations, Hillary Clinton ranked first. Many celebrities, such as, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and unfortunately, Oprah Winfrey have expressed support for Obama entering the 2008 presidential race.

The next question that we should ask ourselves is "Should Obama run for president ?". The answer is no, a matter of fact, hell no ! He lacks political experience- there is no argument about that. If you do your research, you will discover that he has only ten years of political experience. He is not even considered a baby in the political field, he's more like a fetus; A fetus in the womb of Capitol Hill. To prove my point, lets do a little history lesson:

1. Elected to Illinois State Senate in 1996
2. Lost Democratic Primary run for U.S. House of Representatives in 2000
3. Defeated Alan Keyes, 70 to 27 percent in the Illinois Senate race
4. Sworn in as U.S Senator on January 4, 2005

That's it folks,this is all the political experience that he holds. A man that has been in Congress for only two years is being considered as a forerunner in the race for President of the United States. Like Jay-Z once said "Men lie, Women lie, Numbers don't".

As black Americans, we should not act like deer caught in headlights. The prospect of a black president has been on my mind since I was in diapers-but this accomplishment will be worth it- only if the candidate is experienced. If we are going to support a black presidential candidate, he must have little to no flaws. Obama has great potential, but, it is not his time right now. He needs to get his feet wet in Congress. More experience equals a better candidate in 2012 or 2016. The man is only 45 years old, he has ample time. I don't think we want to repeat the Jessie Jackson campaign of 1988, Uggghh!! So if you support Barack Obama for 2008, try to reconsider.

Agree or Disagree ? Feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Have you heard that Al Sharpton is thinking about running again? What a mess!

    As for Obama, I agree with you. He's not experienced enough to dig us out of our current "situation." At least Hilary will be able to bring the wisdom of a former president with her to the White House (I don't like Bill Clinton much, but his being the first gentleman may help the U.S. mend some international fences). She has live-in credibility. And if you want to really look at it for what it is historically white women have always been a step ahead of black men when it comes to social/political advancement. They are the ones that truly benefitted from the Affirmative Action laws passed after the Civil Rights Movement. And there are 14 women in the U.S. Senate and one black man. In my head all signs point to Hilary, not Obama.

  2. umm excuse me mr.wallace but i believe that obama is more then qualified
    1. he dreamy has a hot bod and great smile
    2. he smart...way smarter then yo mama and president bush
    3. he's muslim so all those towel heads over in the middle east wont have any reason to keep attacking us

  3. Shaking My Head @ ur ignorance g man

  4. I agree with you. I don't think Obama's experienced enough yet to run for the presidency. He's a freshman senator with not enough knowledge about the inner workings of congress. Like you said, he has a ton of potential, so I think that by 2012 he will be a political force to be reckoned with. But not right now. I'm all for supporting a black candidate, but I want to support one who I know has enough experience to get the job done right. Right now, I think I would probably have to go with Hilary.

  5. I guess I can kinda-sorta see how you might question his experience and whatnot. So let me pose a question, should he run under Hillary Clinton, as her vice president, would that be acceptable? I guess he too could benefit from having close ties with an ex-president in such a case(Bill).

  6. I really dont wanna see Hillary in 08 politicians nowadays are soo overrated..whatever happened to good seasoned politics....Among my list of presidential hopefuls are: Al Gore, Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards, and John McCain...

  7. well, honestly i dont know much about his experience but i am in the process of learning about his background, but i feel as though he wont be president simply because he's black. i still believe that we are in some type of slavery "hold," and that's something that isn't going to happen. there are too many rich, white republicans that run this country, and im pretty sure they dont want a "nigga," in their words to the spokesperson for their country.

  8. To further elaborate on fuzzy17bone's comments, there is only one black American in the Senate, and there are no black American Governors. These government positions are considered the biggest steppingstones to the presidency. If most americans dont vote black senators or governors into office, it would be very difficult for a black american to win a presidential election. We must keep in mind that racism and prejudice are still deeply rooted in American society.

  9. Your asking for stepping stones? There are actually several black governors, past and present, such as L. Douglass Wilder of Virginia and Deval Laurdine Patrick, the current Democratic governor of Massachusetts.

    Moving on, the fact that there are few black governors does not solely mean it is racial issue. Many times, a black governor fails to when the race because there are no black governors running. The United States has a Caucasian majority. By sheer numbers, there logically would be few black governors, and even Latino, Asian, Arab, and Native American ones for that matter.

  10. thank you for poiting that out Prodigy: We presently have one black governor...I apoligize for the mistake: But all I am saying is since 1836 (first black state elected official), there has only been two black elected governors, and three black elected senators. To believe that this does not play a significant role in the electing of a Black American President is crazy. Furthermore, even though caucasians hold a majority in the U.S, there are an significant amount of states where minorities are a majority( California, Louisiana, etc.). Finally, the minorities mentioned below do not hold the same political influence that is prevalent among Black politicians of today.

  11. I'd like to put forward a european point of view on this

    Whosoever follows bush into the whitehouse is putting their political career on the line if they are not strong enough to withstand the backlash of Bush's reign, which will be all soon to follow his exit. He had made such a, excuse the term, cock-up in his first term that we couldn't believe that he was re-elected. That his Republician "PR" team kept him afloat there is no doubt, but with the end of his second term the repercussions will fall upon the next president.

    Obama has not the skills needed to survive what is coming, you are correct in pointing out that he is a freshman in the arena. Hiliary not only has the backing of the former president, but also of his experience and two sets of political allies. I would be of the opinion that she has the balls needed to do what has to be done to save Americas face.

  12. No one in their right mind can question Clinton's credentials, but all in all, she still brings, on some levels, more of the same. Obama is young, but he brings new ideas and a fresh mentality to the plate. This country has been going downhill for so long that I believe Obama, or anyone who differs from our current leaders, deserves the chance, the benefit of the doubt.

  13. Stephen RobinsonApril 18, 2007 10:46 PM

    I understand where you’re coming from. I do believe that Obama is inexperience and maybe is unqualified to be the next president, but at the same time maybe he is exactly what this country needs. Although he hasn't spent 12 years in the senate or been vice president before, i do think he brings a unique sense of leadership and understanding of what the American people want...History has shown that the most experienced people that have became president have made rookie mistake and have set the country back in many different directions. It may be a good thing that he hasn't been in Washington many years and become politically correct or become one of the many figure heads we have today

  14. do you really want the first man to be a guy that had sex in the oval office?


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