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Why History?

BET, MTV, VH1; not at this moment-instead, try focusing your attention on PBS-there you will find a phenomenal television series, African American Lives 2. Executive produced and hosted by Harvard professor Louis Gates Jr, genealogical research and investigations are done on the ancestry of black celebrities. Trust me, what the researchers discover, will motivate you to research your family's history. Celebrities such as Chris Rock, Morgan Freeman, and Don Cheadle show expressions of disbelief, as they discover unknown truths about their ancestry. Below is a clip from AA Lives 2; observe the look on Chris Rock's face, as he learns about his great-great grandfather:

Knowing ones history is knowing ones self. I am sickened at how undervalued and overlooked black people are in history. Our history has been so distorted, that we lose sight of how important we are, not just to history, but, every aspect of society. Since our involvement in history remains unappreciated, it is our duty to make it known and appreciated.

A good place to start is through your own personal history. Knowing your family's history is beneficial in many ways: Motivation: realizing what your ancestors endured, the struggles they faced, is motivation to get off your ass, and pursue the goals in your life. Appreciation: to appreciate and respect the sacrifices of others, is a way of doing their courage and hard work justice, In addition, it humbles your ego. Identity: history gives you self awareness, of who you are, and what you represent.

Finally, I suggest that you not allow the media, and these wack school books of teaching you about your history; they will only inform you on the three 's': slavery, sharecropping, and segregation. I don't expect you to be like Alex Haley and trace your roots back to Africa; most of us do not have the resources for that. Instead, visit the oldest member of your family, start asking questions about your family's history, record names and dates, start researching, visit the vital statistics building in your area- You may find something unique and interesting about your family. So what the hell are you waiting for, Go!

-By Quintin Wallace


  1. this is amazing... its so important to know your history. If you dont care about where you come from, how can you expect anyone else to.


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