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Go Ahead, Impeach Me, I Dare You !!!!!!!!.......PART I : It's Not Too Late

What Happened to the art and beauty of politics? What happened to FDR, Huey Long, and Shirley Chisholm (If you don't know these individuals, then GOOGLE them.) I am not naive, I know that scandal, deceit, and misinterpretation are common in the political realm, but, the Bush Administration has taken dirty politics to a whole new level. As the scandals continue to grow, and with Bush's approval rating plummeting by the minute, I wonder, why the hell is he still in office? American politics is changing, not in a good way, but, in a foul, awful way. Appeasing large corporations and securing campaign money has become more important than discussing and focusing on the issues that plague American society. It brings tears to my chubby cheeks to see a man that has only two years of congressional experience, and no platform to speak of, become a forerunner for President of the United States of America. In the news and media, I hear nothing of the platforms for the candidates running for the 2008 presidential bid, I only hear of how much campaign money each candidate has garnered. When watching CNN, Instead of learning about John Edward's platform for 2008, I only see information on how he plans to deal with his wife's cancer treatment while running a presidential campaign. American politics stink, and I am talking about grandma cleaning chitlins in your kitchen stink. As it lays in its deathbed, in a vegetative state, I contemplate the biggest and most obvious example of the lethargic political mind state that has come upon our great nation. I have come to the conclusion that the lack of persistence to impeach and remove George Bush is the prime example of the political downfall that is growing in the United States of America.

Before I begin to argue the reasons for Bush's removal, it would be best that a brief synopsis of the presidential impeachment process be given. First, formal charges, better known as "Articles of Impeachment"are brought to the House of Representatives, where they are debated and voted. These charges can be summoned through a legal petition, by a government official, or, any legal U.S citizen, who is willing to set up an appointment to meet and present his/her case to the House of Representatives. Second, If the Articles of Impeachment are improved by a majority, the president is labeled as "impeached". This sounds great doesn't it, easy, piece of cake, well no ! Its not that easy. After being labeled as "impeached", the president is then put on trial by the U.S Senate to determine his guilt or innocence. Finally, if found guilty by 2/3 of the Senate on any charge, the president is removed from office, and, the vice president is sworn in as our new President of the United States.

Impeaching the President of the United States is a very difficult thing to do, matter of fact, it is so difficult that it's never been done. There has been nine attempts to impeach a U.S President, only four of the nine attempts have been brought to the House of Representatives: John Tyler, Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton. Of these four cases, only two have been brought to the Senate for trial: Johnson and Clinton (Nixon resigned before the chance of impeachment). What is very intriguing about these four cases is the fact that, well besides Nixon and the Watergate scandal, they are frivolous and unimportant compared to the case that can be brought against George Bush.It is also important to note that Tyler, Johnson, and Clinton were tried not because their charges were pertinent, but, due to party resentment and affiliation within Congress. Our Congress has become so oblivious, ignorant, and bullied that they are afraid to bring a sufficient case for the impeachment of Bush. Our forefathers must be rolling in their graves right now.What a hideous sight to behold.


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