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Are You Bagging Your Groceries ?

Its Valentines Day, you are with the person whom you love, or, care for. You just got finished from a night on the town, now, its back to your place. The lights are dimmed low, incense is burning, and R. Kelly is playing in the background. You are harder than a Calculus III test, and she is about to damn near drown from her own wetness. So go ahead and do it, get busy. Wait! aren't you forgetting something. Yes! a condom, where is the condom?

February 11-17 begins National Condom Week. Valentine's Day marks National Condom Day. During this time, it is important to raise awareness of how significant condoms, and, other forms of birth control and STD protection are for sexual participants. We should already know what condoms are, and that they protect us from transmitting sexual diseases and protect women from impregnation. Condoms are sold in many places: convenient and grocery stores, gas stations, etc. College students should be aware that they can get free condoms from hospitals, free clinics, and , their school's infirmary.

For the past twenty years, HIV/AIDS has been terrorizing the black community. Third World countries in Africa have seen whole villages and communities wiped out by the deadly virus. Lack of awareness and education about condoms is a main reason for the rampant spread of HIV/AIDS. Below are startling statistics compiled by, which is a non profit organization that raises funds and awareness about HIV/AIDS

  • Over 22 million people have died from AIDS
  • Over 42 million people living with AIDS, 74% in Sub-Sahara Africa
  • Over 19 million women living with AIDS
  • UN estimates that currently there are 14 million AIDS orphans, by 2010 there will be 25 million
United States
  • 30% of new infections occur in women, 70% in men
  • By race, 54% of new infections in U.S occur among African Americans, 64% of new infections in women occur in African American women.
  • 75% of new infections in women are heterosexually transmitted
  • Half of all new infections in U.S occur in people 25 or younger

Sex is a wonderful and pleasurable experience, and fellas, I know that having sex without a condom feels 10 times better than with one; but, the prospect of pregnancy or disease can weight heavily on a young man. In a time where teenage girls are raising their own children, and HIV/AIDS population rate is at an all time high, sexual protection is crucial to ones livelihood. As minorities between the ages of 15-30, we are prime targets for contracting STD's. Its time to start using the head on your shoulders, and not the one between your legs. Females need to realize that ultimately they are the ones who control whether or not sexual intercourse will happen. By using the "no glove, no love" attitude, you put the pressure on your partner to use a condom. On February 14, when you are with your partner this Valentine's Day, be smart, and "Bag your groceries".

What are your views on condoms and safe sex? Feel free to leave a comment.


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