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Soulja Boy vs. Ice T

First and foremost, The Black Salvage is not turning into a celebrity gossip column so calm down! I just thought this would be something a lot of you'd take interest in.

Below is a clip of some choice words old school rapper Ice T had for Soulja Boy. Ice T's words are at the beginning and Soulja's Boy's response follows.

I'm sure that most of you who know me personally know that I despise Soulja Boy. I used to say, that his music was stupid- now I know that he too is stupid. . . sigh*. Now, I'm not in anyway justifying Ice T's "eat a dick" comment because that was entirely uncalled for, but everything else he said was entirely true, in my opinion.

Now for part two. This vid is of Ice T's response to Soulja's Boy.

Too funny. But personally, I'm glad someone of Ice T's stature did openly criticize Soulja Boy. I wouldn't say he's killing hip-hop but as far as lowering the standard- that can't be argued.

By Prodigy-Maestro

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  1. Courtney HobsonJune 23, 2008 12:56 PM

    Thank you for posting this. I don't really listen to or follow rap (or at least the stuff they play on the radio). But no words can describe Soulja Boy's video. Just some of the things that came out of his mouth shows how immature and ignorant he is. What made it worse for me was his friend in the background trying to make sure his chain was being seen.

    I applaud Ice-T for his statements. Ramifications really do need to occur. The other day I was watching MTV Jams and they were creating a list of the 10 Hottest MC's in the game right now. They actually considered putting Soulja Boy at #10 in place of T.I. just because of one song. My friend had to point it out to me that no matter how dumb he may be, he sells records. But that does not mean that standards should be lowered. I hope a change comes real soon.

  2. ya know, i saw the thing with the chain as well and could not figure out what the hell he was doing.

    and the stuff coming out his mouth spoke volumes. notice that not once did he have a relevant counter-arguement. he's just kept callin ice "old" and a "hater", lol

    but yeah, if soulja was a mature, and smart individual, this was his moment to show people he's not the fool that he portrays in his stage persona. so much for that. . .

  3. I don't think Ice-T should have come @ him like that... since he is the vet in the game i think he should have come up with a better way to approach the situation "eat a Dick" was definitely uncalled for. I think Soulja boy had a point that he should give him some pointers and also congratulate him for doing something better with this life. It might not be the best but something is better than nothing. If Ice-T thinks what he is doing is destroying hip-hop then do something about it... have a plan of action... yes u bashed hime now help him!.. one thing i hate is when ppl always want to talk about the problem but never want to come up with solutions..... i also think that Soulja boy comment back was full ignorance for calling him old and and a but i might add he pulled his cards when he was like u from Jersey and said his whole name. lol... that got me in the beginning.

  4. Wow,
    I came to this site to find an intelligent discussion about the HBO movie I just watched about the inner city schools.

    I clicked on this link accidently and now I realize that wasting another minute caring about the inner city is pointless.

    Soldja Boy (or whatever) is a moron, 3 minutes of "old nigger" and sad phonetics is the best a premiere black star can muster...

    He can barely speak english and our kids a listening to him. Great.

  5. It's all about show business.

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